The Auction Advantage

Advantages of Selling Your Property by Auction:

• Competitive bidding environment is created among buyers
• Controlled marketability
• Pre-qualified bidders come prepared to buy
• Property is sold “as-is” without contingencies
• Commissions are paid in the form of a Buyer’s Premium by the Buyer
• Closing coordinator is assigned and stays fully involved to assist Buyer and Seller with all aspects of closing details
• A competitive auction environment can often exceed sales price expectations for clients
• Online 24-hour access to auction sales activities
• Online 24-hour communication with both buyer and seller
• Closings within 10-45 days following auction event

Benefits of Selling Your Property at Auction Include:

Quicker sale and complete control of sale

Sell your property quicker and gain complete control over the sale timing and terms of the sale.

Action of sale is immediate and sales are held within 10-45 days of auction end. You establish the day, time, and terms of the sale without the bother of haggling over details, who pays closing costs, and contingencies; hence a faster sale and turnover of property.

Eliminate holding costs

Long-term carrying costs such as property maintenance, taxes, and insurance are reduced. You eliminate burdensome day-to-day carrying costs associated with holding properties. If you have a property that is sitting vacant, inactive, underutilized or a non-used property that requires holding costs such as maintenance, taxes, insurance and continued marketing causing a financial burden, now you can turn that real estate asset into cash through our daily online property auctions.

The marketplace sets the true value

Auction allows seller to avoid making the mistake of over or under pricing property since the market will set the right price. The market price is driven upward with the starting bid and arrives at the true value through competitive bidding. Unlike the traditional sale that sets the price and then bargains down, the auction process demonstrates market value and “bargains up”.

Auction Alerts

Your property will be auctioned to an audience of ready buyers who receive auction alerts from us. Each property auction will be individually featured in our alerts. Your property will be exposed to thousands of buyers who will competitively bid for it nationally through our marketing channels.

We send your property for auction information to thousands of our opt-in prospects who will be exposed to your property for auction sale or featured property listing and who are ready bidders/buyers.