Broker Cooperation

Sell Your Client’s Property: If you are a real estate broker with pending properties for sale, posting your properties for sale on our auction website will allow you to more efficiently and quickly market and sell your client’s property. To become a cooperating broker, register with our service by clicking “register” and providing your full company information along with the corresponding name of the individual agent listing property. As an agent listing your real estate company properties for sale on our website you must be a principal broker or authorized to sell using our service by the principal broker, see Terms and Conditions. As a cooperating broker, client properties for sale can be posted on our website for improved marketability for no initial cost. Participating Brokers must agree to Broker Cooperation Terms and Conditions before using our service.
Advantages of Partnering With Us:
• Competitive bidding environment is created among buyers
• Pre-qualified bidders come prepared to buy
• Property is sold “as-is” without contingencies
• Selling commission is earned by referring broker
• Controlled marketability
• Establish the true market pricing of your client’s property through competitive bidding
• A competitive auction environment can often exceed sales price expectations for clients
• Online 24-hour access to sales activities of client’s properties listed
• Online 24-hour communication with both buyer and seller
• Promote your brand simultaneously throughout property marketing campaigns
• Closings within 10-45 days following auction event


Auction Alerts: Your property will be auctioned to an audience of ready buyers who receive auction alerts from us. Each property auction will be individually featured in our alerts. Your property will be exposed to thousands of buyers who will competitively bid for it nationally through our marketing channels.

We send your property for auction information to thousands of our opt-in prospects who will be exposed to your property for auction sale or featured property listing and who are ready bidders/buyers.